I need to organize my home and get rid of clutter.

It’s easy to accumulate items, especially if we’ve been in a home for some time. And it’s very difficult to part with things we’ve had for a long time.

The Trustworthy Transitions Team can help de-clutter and open up your living space, when you’re staying in your home. We’ll pack it up and take it away. Maybe you’ve inherited a house or you’re Power of Attorney for someone and responsible for clearing out a home. 

Or maybe you want to stay in your home and equip it for the next phase of your life, adding safety features or assistive devices to make your home more comfortable and accessible. We’ll start by conducting a Safety Audit of your home and providing a written estimate, identifying areas of improvement or hazards you’ll want to address. 

We’ll source out local resources and service providers to complete the work. We’ll coordinate their schedules around yours, and hold them accountable for the promises they’ve made to you. And as your home becomes safer and more livable, we’ll remove the items you no longer need.

The true value of our services is that you get to choose only the tasks you need us to do. We customize our approach, our services according to your needs, budget and time lines.