Company Values


It’s at the heart of our company name and it’s our pledge to you. You can trust us to support your family and treat them with respect and dignity. You can trust us to treat your prized possessions with great care and sensitivity. And while many of your treasures may lack financial value, we know they’re priceless to you.


We will be honest and transparent in our dealings with you – no hidden charges, no additional services or costs that you didn’t sign up for.


Our strength is our team – working together with common values and integrity. We promote entrepreneurial initiative and offer our employees opportunities for promotion and professional development.  We’ve created a culture that supports our team members, so they can provide outstanding customer service to you.


We are responsible for ensuring that your experience with us does not disappoint. When we face a problem, we’ll take responsibility for solving it. We are responsible to our client, our employees, our community and the environment. 


We offer a range of service options and you can choose only those that you need. Your choices will be detailed in your service agreement. We know that circumstances and needs may change over time, so we’ll adjust our agreement to reflect those changes.


Strong, supportive relationships drive our business and create lasting bonds with our clients, long after the work is done. We strive for close cooperation and a positive work environment for our clients, employees and business associates. Rather than being content with short-lived success, we aim for long-term relationships and mutual benefits.