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Seminars For Residents, Potential Residents and their Families:

Our STUFF: Why we Love it and Why We Can't Let it Go


This seminar highlights the findings of fascinating research from the University of Kansas studying the experiences of older adults making the transition from the family home to a smaller residence. This important research sheds light on the psychological, emotional and practical barriers to older adults parting with their belongings, preventing them from entering retirement living.

10 Steps to a Stress Free Move

10 practical issues for older adults and their families to address when considering a move to retirement living. Here are 3 of the Steps: “Set deadlines, know who’s on your moving team, and identify the heart of your home.” The presentation also includes helpful hints and resources for selling or donating items.

Sell or Donate? 5 Questions to Guide Your Decision- Making


Clients often ask us whether it’s better the sell or donate an item they no longer need. Some older adults are reluctant to donate an item they deem has value, before exploring the chance to sell it. This presentation will examine the key factors to consider in making that decision.


5 Ways to De-clutter and Ease Your Mind


Many older adults have decided to stay in their homes, but they may be surrounded with 30-50 years of accumulated possessions, resulting in clutter. Clutter can overwhelm people with a sense of chaos or paralysis. As a first step in taking control of their living situation, we highlight simple, first steps that people can take.

Play the Downsizing Game - is it Time to De-Clutter?

This fun quiz covers a range of typical items you might find in a home of an older adult, like: “2 sheet sets so threadbare you can read through them” and “Enough ketchup, sugar or soy sauce packets to open your own restaurant!” The game results in laughter, self-reflection and an assessment of the “Clutter Quotient” of their home.

Families and Caregivers of Potential Residents:

Signs & Signals - It’s Time for That Conversation

The current living situation of your loved one may not be safe or healthy. There are indicators – physical, emotional, behaviourally. Family and friends have noticed and are becoming concerned. It’s time for a purposeful conversation. This seminar highlights warning signs and signals, sets out a process of decision-making and provides helpful tips for that difficult conversation.

Retirement Residence Staff:

Clear Writing - Write for Your Audience



This seminar is an introduction to using Clear Language principles to communicate with multiple audiences. Much of corporate communications are written at too high an academic level for many readers to fully understand or in formats that are difficult to read. Often messages use complex words or instructions which require busy people to read the message more than once, or cause the reader to ignore the message entirely. Learn helpful hints about writing clear messages that save time and boost the chance that your message will be understood and responded to – the first time.


Communicating with Older Adults



An overview of clear, respectful and appropriate communications with older adults. This presentation paints a profile of older adults in Canada, focuses on common barriers to effective communications and introduces helpful practices to enhance relationships.