Services We Offer

Pre-Move Planning

The Trustworthy Transitions Team will work with you to understand your needs and expectations:

  • Visit your new residence and create a floor plan to help decide what moves with you and what does not
  • Pack and label what you’ll be taking with you
  • Help you make decisions about the items you no longer need and guide you through the downsizing process
  • Disperse items no longer needed based on your preferences: for sale, to family, friends, donation or disposal
  • Recommend trusted movers and supervise all activities
  • Cancel or transfer your utilities and change your address with Canada Post
Organizing, Downsizing and De-Cluttering

Whether you’re moving – or not – simplify your surroundings while keeping what matters most. Over time, our homes tend to become overcrowded. It’s hard to part with items we’ve treasured for many years. The Trustworthy Transitions Team will provide you with guidance, encouragement, and emotional support while we

  • Help you prioritize what areas need work
  • De-clutter and organize your home, garage, basement and out-buildings
  • Donate, sell, or dispose of items you no longer need
  • Re-purpose areas to reflect your current needs
  • Make it possible to park in your garage again
  • Help make your home a space to be proud of
Set up, organize and decorate your new home

You take the day off while we make your new house your home. The Trustworthy Transitions Team provides expertise in setting up your new home quickly and comfortably. Count on us to:

  • Supervise the moving crew to ensure your belongings arrive safely
  • Ensure every item is placed exactly where you want it
  • Unpack all boxes and put everything in its place
  • Remove all boxes and packing material
  • Make beds
  • Set up the kitchen and bathrooms
  • Hang artwork
  • Ensure your phone and television are in working order
  • Organize closets, cupboards and desks
Home Clear-Outs

Clear-outs can be daunting for anyone and can be overwhelming for older adults, Powers of Attorney or Executors shouldering the responsibility. The Trustworthy Transitions Team will handle a lifetime of belongings with efficiency, empathy and discretion by:


  • Selling – Our vetted contacts will manage the sale of your valuables through various means, including auction and consignment.
  • Donating – We have the expertise and experience to know what can be donated and repurposed for another family. We will pack your donations and arrange for drop off or pick up from verified, worthy non-profit charitable  agencies
  • Shipping – We use our shipping connections to find the most economical way to pack and send items you’d like to give to family and friends.
  • Recycling and Hauling – Those items that cannot be donated will be removed from the home and disposed of in an earth-friendly manner 
  • Scheduling painters, carpet cleaners, window washers, and house cleaners to get the house ready for sale or for the next family to move in.